Helene Grass is a film and theater actor. She can also be heard performing in numerous audio dramas and other radio productions.

Artist Agency: lastrada.doell’s

PR: Barbarella

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Helene Grass is a radio drama actor and narrator for various radio stations (Bayerischer Rundfunk, NDR, SWR, RBB, Deutschlandradio, WDR, among others), and has done recordings for many audiobooks, including “Rheinsberg” (Diogenes Verlag), “Ohne dich macht mir überhaupt nichts mehr Spaß “(Kain & Aber),“Underground Railroad” (Colson Whitehead, Hörbuch Hamburg) as well as “Corpus delicti” (Der Audio Verlag) and “Unterleuten” (der Hörverlag) by Juli Zeh. She also works as a presenter.

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Helene Grass (*1974, Hamburg) grew up in Berlin. Her career spans theatre, radio, television and movies.
After completion of her education at the prestigious Otto Falckenberg School in Munich she performed in theaters in in Zurich, Hamburg, Basel and Freiburg. This season she is on tour with the Théâtre National de la Colline.
She has appeared in numerous movie and television productions, most recently for the series “World on Fire,” which was shot for the BBC. Since 2015 she plays a forensic expert in the main cast of the crime series “Rentnercops”. In addition, Helene Grass works as a speaker, narrator and audio drama actor for various radio stations (RBB, NDR, WDR, and more) and audiobook productions, and acts as a presenter.